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Square custom gift boxes magnet? Can ask magnet manufacturers

by:Maghard      2020-08-22
Square custom gift boxes magnet? Can ask magnet manufacturer of gift boxes, our basic can be seen everywhere in our daily life. A shape packing gift box is used for decorative products, because it relates to appearance, so the design of the gift is very important. In numerous gift box, above the top of the box will have magnets, why use the magnet? Because the magnet can be installed in the inside, through the magnetic force to absorb, so that gift lifted the lid and beautiful shape. However, the square gift boxes magnet what should we do? Many people will be very curious about this is not an ordinary magnet? Magnet manufacturer told you actually otherwise, although this is a magnet, it also should pay attention to many aspects, such as magnetism, and coating, etc. Gift box if magnet magnetic force is too large, can cause gift box easy to cause deformation when opened, magnetic gift is too small will cause the lid open easily. So, the design is the design of the magnetic force is very exquisite, not too much, nor too small, have to pass the test. Plating is adjusted according to the appearance of the gift box. Next, you now know how square gift boxes magnets custom? If there is some doubt, please consult our magnet manufacturers.
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