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Strong magnet in the application of the valve is introduced

by:Maghard      2020-09-18
Powerful magnet in the application of the valve type valve with a powerful magnet switch type and proportion type two kinds. Powerful magnets used in directional control valve of the reversing switch type, system of unloading and loading, etc. ; Proportional type powerful magnets installed on all kinds of proportional valve, used to control the direction of flow, pressure, and flow. A lot of proportional pressure valve installed on the electric control variable pump, to control the flow of the pump and the direction. Proportional type powerful magnets in the schedule ( At least in its working stroke) The characteristics of electromagnetic force almost remain the same, so different from ordinary switch type powerful magnets. The suction characteristic is through the work of special modelling and magnetizer air-gap magnetic guide. The difference of switch type and proportion type powerful magnets is not totally depends on powerful magnet itself, proportion type powerful magnets in the maximum current is equal to the switch type powerful magnets, switch type powerful magnets in different current when also can produce different thrust. Powerful magnets in powerful magnet valve application technology parameters of performance index mainly includes the applied voltage ( Current) , push ( Pull) Force and stroke and so on. According to the voltage can be divided into 12 V, 24 V dc and 110 V, 220 V ac, etc. NG6 solenoid valve with powerful magnets ( Pull) Force of 20 ~ 70 n, usually between 3 ~ 7 mm. When the suspect, a binding or solenoid coil burn down by checking whether the trip to determine in the above scope. Powerful magnet external characteristic mainly for resistance. The most common 24 v, NG6 solenoid coil resistance in 16 ~ 26 & Omega; Between 24 v cartridge valve coil resistance in 20 - commonly 38Ω Proportional valve, between 24 V coil resistance in 21 ~ 26 & Omega; In between. In theory, electromagnetic suction and is proportional to the square of the current, so the 12 v coil resistance is usually correspond to the 24 v coil around a quarter. Proportional electromagnetic valve general current reaches a certain scope. Such as REXROTH series concrete pump with 24 v proportional electromagnetic valve is generally require current 200 ~ 600 ma, the requirements of the 12 v current 400 ~ 1 200 ma. LINDE series concrete pump with 24 v proportional solenoid valve for current 220 ~ 405 mA and 175 ~ 360 mA. SAUER series concrete pump with 24 v proportional solenoid valve for current 13 ~ 85 ma. Solenoid valve with a strong magnet is introduced when the solenoid valve without action, can use a multimeter measuring coil resistance between the insert, if the value is infinite internal circuit, if the resistance is small internal short circuit, the coil needs to be replaced. Open circuit and short circuit are often caused by coil heating, high power frequency electromagnetic valve coil is easier to burn. Hydraulic components manufacturer in order to reduce the probability of valve is stuck, will reduce the coil resistance, to increase the thrust, however, heating coil is very severe, the continuous electricity for a few minutes after internal temperature can exceed 100 ℃. So on the application, except to pay attention to the heat dissipation of the electromagnetic valve and reducing electricity as much as possible. When there is no multimeter, can with wire or small screwdriver driven push rod, such as watching job agencies have action; Can also use spanner tools such as close to the powerful magnets, look to whether have enough suction. Solenoid valve no action may also, of course, is the electrical and hydraulic aspects of other reasons.
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