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Strong magnetic ndfeb magnet market analysis

by:Maghard      2020-10-03
At present, the Chinese ndfeb industry has nearly 80% market share in the world, is the world's strong magnetic ndfeb magnet industry in the middle. In 2010, the Chinese iron boron magnet production now exceeds 80% of the world's total output. Compared with boundless can produce, ndfeb companies in China is still mostly on the cheap goods, big but not strong, become the bottleneck of restricting company surplus to, ndfeb and stronger to do fine has become a professional company. In recent years, because of ndfeb permanent magnets for improving the comprehensive function, ndfeb magnet is now gradually replace other magnetic materials into stores to the trunk stream of magnetic materials. Because of the high efficiency and energy saving, light quality, small volume, good control speed regulating characteristics, such as ndfeb is widely used in wind power, new energy cars and energy-efficient appliances such as sunrise industry. In the backdrop of the energy conservation and environmental protection, ndfeb is welcoming new development chance. At the same time, countries have introduced the relevant policy, vigorously promoting the development of ndfeb industry. Is expected in the future several years, the Ministry of Science and Technology will transfer the total amount of 3. Support fund of 500 million yuan, mainly handle rare earth capital for wind power, electric cars and energy-efficient appliances, maglev train categories, such as national policy of the handle is undoubtedly rare earth permanent magnet industry to develop the most powerful professional spring breeze in the future. 'the ndfeb permanent magnet material is widely used in electronics, consumer electronics production the highest in the world and China, and communication equipment, mechanical equipment and other potential industrial, market demand is infinite. For ndfeb permanent magnet materials to enter the world market supply the outstanding race conditions, market prospects are very broad. 'the industry experts indicate
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