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surgeons remove 36 magnetic balls from toddler\'s stomach, report says

by:Maghard      2020-02-27
A Chinese toddler, who was rushed to hospital for severe stomach pains, high fever and vomiting, was found to have taken in 36 magnetic balls that were connected to each other in her digestive tract, and made two holes in her intestines. The 1-year-
The old girl, who was not confirmed in the report published by AsiaWire, landed at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou city, East China\'s Zhejiang province, after transferring from a local clinic
She claimed that INDIANAPOLIS\'s mother had almost lost her legs when she was on a family holiday due to an infection with a \"hot water tube.
Lin Xiaokun ordered an X.
The light in her abdomen and determined that she had swallowed them one by one, \"so it was not easy for the family to notice.
\"Because of the magnetic force, all the balls swallowed are attached to the intestines and damaged the intestines,\" according to AsiaWire . \".
\"Especially when there are small balls between the intestines.
It causes rot in the intestines.
That\'s why there are two holes in the girl\'s intestines.
Pediatricians have long noticed the danger of ingesting magnets in the United StatesS.
Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC)
In 2008, the standards for children\'s products and toys were adjusted to ensure that magnets do not fall off or fall off from children\'s products.
Swimmers die from a rare brain.
According to SAYSHowever, eating amoeba at the water park in North Carolina, for adults with magnetic balls, products that act as \"Stress Relief\" are still on store shelves today, meaning they still pose a risk to children.
According to the American Society of pediatricians (AAP)
Magnetic absorption has resulted in dozens of surgeries, intestinal perforation or fistula, endoscopic examination, bowel resection and other severe intestinal injury, anecdotal reports.
Parents are advised not to expose the child to this product and to closely monitor loose magnets or magnetic products, and contact the pediatrician immediately if it is suspected that the magnets are swallowed or inhaled.
Click here to get Fox News APPXiaokun and his team removed the in an hour
According to AsiaWire, the toddler is still recovering in hospital despite the long operation time.
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