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switchable permanent magnets: get a grip...or don\'t. (five star product of the month).

by:Maghard      2020-03-01
Permanent magnets are one of the most useful components of our technological era.
They provide a constant, reliable source of energy for many magnetic circuits without the need for an external current.
Over the past 20 years, advances in metallurgy and magnetic technology have brought the availability of magnetic materials to an unprecedented level-
The most striking is the \"rare earth\" Maghard Flexible Magnet, some of which have a strength of more than 100 times its own weight.
These breakthroughs are hardly noticed by the wider public, mainly because these new, superior rare earth magnets are often used as replacements for magnetic materials in existing products.
Rare earth magnets perform the same task in the modified product, but the size is reduced.
Due to the main disadvantages of permanent magnets, new products and markets have not yet appeared: their energy is fixed, so they cannot be used if a change in magnetic field strength is required.
Previous attempts to overcome this disadvantage of the permanent magnetic field, resulting in a large, complexto-
Economic Design.
Early use of switchable permanent magnets is limited to very special applications because they are not suitable for general use and therefore never cause much attention.
So until recently, in addition to the limitations of all electrical systems, the common choice for most applications remains a -
That is, in places where electricity is not often available, or where access is too complex, expensive, or unsafe.
Magswitch, from the company of the same name in Macquarie port, new Australia, is a device designed specifically for many applications that have so far been retained on magnets: hydraulic, pneumatic or otherwise
The company claims that Magswitch weighs 250 times its own weight.
According to their literature, a typical version weighs less than 200 grams, but can retain 50 kilograms (
Although the retention performance may decrease if the part being held or lifted is uneven, it is strange that
Shape or change of surface condition).
In addition to being a viable alternative to magnets in some applications, Magswitch addresses some mechanical and cost issues related to the huge attempt to expand the use of permanent magnets in the early days.
Its simple design uses very few components and basic switching mechanisms to activate the magnetic force of the unit.
The device is made of two fully magnetized cylindrical-
Shaped mounted in a hard magnetic housing.
One of the magnets is fixed in place;
The other is the ability to rotate.
To rotate the free 80 degrees, a movable handle or lever is attached to the housing.
This brings the poles of the two magnets together and activates the full magnetic attraction of the unit.
This device looks good.
Suitable for applications where temporary but reliable connections are required, such as fixed welded joints, construction support beams, signs, wall hangings, fixtures, and adhesives.
From simple shell doors to sophisticated locking mechanisms, locks and locks are other potential applications.
Other uses include magnetic sensors, switches, and solenoid.
The product has low cost, small number of parts, variable magnetic absorption strength and direction, durability and temperature-and weather-tolerance.
Intrinsically safe and independent of any external power supply, allowing Magswitch to replace existing magnets in many cases as needed to develop ecological sustainability and improve performance. Circle 155--
Magswitch, or connect directly to their website via the online reader service program on www. rsleads. com/306df-
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