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The advantage of rubber magnet and some application examples

by:Maghard      2020-09-17
The advantage of rubber magnet interpretation and application examples of rubber magnet in industrial production and life has a more extensive application of rubber magnet due to its advantages, the physical properties of the can play a role in some specific environments. RubberMagnet is one of the series of ferrite magnets, bonded ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber compound, the extrusion molding, rolling molding, injection molding process and made of a soft, elastic and can distort the magnets. Can be processed into strips, roll, sheet, block, rings, and all kinds of complicated shape. Rubber magnetic consists of hard magnetic ferrite materials mixed with polymer adhesive, by injecting, rolling forming. Characterized by the good hardness, plasticity. Therefore can be easily processed into various shapes. Widely used in toys, stationery, refrigerator, micro-motor, etc. Below our rubber CiChang home will introduce rubber magnet for you believe that the purpose of the introduction. Rubber magnet has very extensive role in the industry of the six. 1, consumer electronics, automotive electronics 2 3, 4, industrial computer and peripheral equipment 5, and 6 security equipment, advertising, gifts and education purpose, hope we can help you introduced, at the same time, we are a professional rubber magnetic company, we have a demand in this sincerely welcome the merchants of rubber magnetic contact us. Rubber magnetic manufacturing process and other products the same. On the formula design, must first determine the variety of magnetic powder, particle size and dosage. Next should according to the requirement of using analysing, for example, the wear-resisting medicine use natural rubber. During processing, vulcanization before or after the magnetization process, adding other products don't have to give a permanent magnetic products. Sulfide magnetization is unchanged in the external magnetic field direction, the advantages of the former by rubber network relatively smoothly; Magnetization by sexual after vulcanization is poorer, but the operation is convenient. In short, each have advantages and disadvantages. Used to characterize the magnetic parameters with magnetic induction intensity, the residual magnetic sensibility, magnetic energy product, such as magnetic induction intensity in the most commonly used, and its unit of measurement for gaussian ( GS) 100 - rubber, the general requirements The range of 600 gs. Rubber bonded permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic and name, is to use bonded ferrite magnetic powder, rubber or plastic and other materials, after extrusion, rolling and injection molding. Owing to the high plasticity material, finished products or semi-finished products are casual knife cutting, punching, slitting, and mounted on other materials, and not easy to demagnetization, good anticorrosive, mainly divided into two categories: like rubber magnetic and magnetic rubber attract. Difference is as follows: 1, magnetic differences: gay rubber magnetic magnetic weaker, while heterosexual magnetic rubber with high magnetic function. 2, work for temperature and density is different, gay rubber magnetic rubber magnetic density than the opposite sex and low temperature. 3, different application fields: gay magnetic rubber is mainly used in fridge magnet, car stickers, printing products, and promotional items. While heterosexual magnetic rubber, widely used in micro motor, computer, laser printer, copier, magnetic toys, etc. Magnet the most basic material are similar, but in the later production development process in order to meet the different needs of society for its in various types of magnets, such as: rubber magnets, ferrite magnets, ndfeb strong magnetic, etc. , they are not identical, such as magnetic so in terms of application of still have very big difference. Rubber magnet is adhesive ferrite magnetic powder, synthetic materials such as rubber or plastic composite, after extrusion forming, rolling forming, injection molding process is made and be become. With a light specific gravity, soft, good elasticity, can be distorted, strong retentivity, easy processing, save energy, etc. Produce into strips, roll, sheet and other complex shapes, apply to electronic, electrical appliances industry and home appliance commodity, the motor stator, toys, stationery, advertising, printing decoration and other fields. Rubber magnetic powder of strontium/barium ferrite magnetic powder used in the production of rubber disk, the refrigerator door seal friction damping gasket, products include dashboard of interior insulation and nacelle, nacelle absorption, tunnel insulation, acoustic effective heat shield, hood, shock absorber, spring mass system and the wheelhouse liner) New tong xin rubber magnetic powder advantages: 1, domestic rich resources advantages, more than 10 years of production experience. 2, can produce all kinds of special-shaped magnetic powder, both sexes rubber magnetic powder and pre under-burnt clinker 3, has more than rotary kiln equipment, production of raw materials, and to enhance performance stability of the Taiwan imports high quality iron oxide red. 4, effective cost control makes us have a price advantage. 5, the advanced ball mill equipment and unique ball mill process ensure uniform powder, powder performance consistency. 6, a powerful production scale, can ensure the stability of the delivery date.
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