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The characteristics of ndfeb products

by:Maghard      2020-09-03
Ndfeb permanent magnet material is based on intermetallic compounds Nd2Fe14B permanent magnetic material. Ndfeb has a very high magnetic energy product and coercive force, high energy density at the same time make the advantages of ndfeb permanent magnet material in modern industry and the wide application of electronic technology, so that the instruments and meters, electronic motor, magnetization of the magnetic separation equipment miniaturization, lightweight, thin become possible. The advantage of ndfeb is cost-effective, good mechanical properties; Lack of Curie temperature in low point, temperature characteristic is poor, and is easy to be pulverization corrosion, must through the adjust its chemical composition and take surface treatment methods to improve, to reach the requirements of practical application. Sintered ndfeb permanent magnet material is powder metallurgy process, after the smelting of metal powder and made in magnetic medium pressure pressing, pressing in inert gas or vacuum sintering densification, in order to improve the magnet coercive force, usually need to be aging heat treatment.
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