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The characteristics of permanent magnet and its former history

by:Maghard      2020-08-16
Permanent magnet properties with the development of the society, the magnet is becoming more and more widely used, from high-tech magnetic steel technology products to the most brief packaging magnetic, magnetic now is still the most widely used ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets and a permanent magnet. So what is the permanent magnet properties? Permanent magnet is without applied magnetic field, magnets can insist for a long time itself. Permanent magnets are available with ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, etc. Its special atomic structure, atomic itself has a magnetic moment. Generally these mineral magnet manufacturer molecular disorder, influence each other just don't show the magnetic magnetic area, but in external forces such as magnetic molecules put way guided by converged, just show magnetic, also known as magnet, iron, cobalt, nickel is the most commonly used magnetic materials. Permanent magnets and magnetic magnet points, and fundamentally a permanent magnet is strong magnetic combined to make the spin of magnetic materials and electronic angular momentum into fixed direction placement; Take out, such as soft magnetic is combined with current, current soft iron will gradually lose magnetism. Magnet just one said, is refers to has the magnetic, the composition practice may not include iron. Relatively pure metallic state no permanent magnetic iron itself, only close to a permanent magnet magnetic induction, general permanent magnet inside and other impurity elements such as carbon to make magnetic stabilized, but this will make the electronic freedom fall and less prone to conduct electricity, so current through the bulb lights up, iron is a common magnetic elements, but many other elements have a stronger magnetic, like many powerful magnets is mixture of neodymium, iron, boron, etc, the coercive force: is permanent magnet materials against the magnetic and non magnetic interference and sticking to its permanent magnetic measurement. Prior history of ndfeb permanent magnet ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet neodymium rare earth permanent magnet material is a new type of magnetic material, were developed in the age of 80, with high quality magnetic characteristics, high energy and high magnetic products. Up to now, this is the strongest magnetic materials, and is called the king of the magnet. The primary purpose of rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet data more than the original data, and relatively low price and excellent magnetic characteristics makes the summary to the agile development and widely use. In many categories such as instrument and meter, auto industry, petrochemical industry and magnetic health care products, it replaces the traditional ferrite, nickel and cobalt neodymium and samarium cobalt. The appearance of the rare earth permanent magnet materials ndfeb magnet shape has the most typical and basic common wafer, circle, arc and rectangular ( Square) 。 Appearance can be all kinds of coating processing, such as being plated nickel, zinc, epoxy, tin, chromium, silver and gold. The development of rare earth permanent magnet materials of rare earth elements with unique magnetic characteristics, in the modern science and technology, rare earth materials with rare earth as the raw material is very important information. According to the development of rare earth materials, can be divided into three generation: the first generation of rare-earth permanent magnetic material 5, samarium cobalt in 60 age in the United States, and first used in military field. The second generation, rare earth permanent magnetic material zirconium samarium cobalt, copper and iron in 70 times, widely use category. The third generation, rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb magnet magnetic data to carry out in Japan, 80 times. The birth of the third generation of magnetic materials has attracted worldwide attention, because of ndfeb magnet is not only the price advantage and have a higher magnetic intensity. Ndfeb products and neodymium iron to replace the precious of the first generation and the second product of samarium and cobalt. The market analysis of rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet materials in 1990, worldwide, the usage of 2. 5 million tons of rare earth ndfeb magnets, 1992 to 4 million tons, is 7 million tons, 1997 in 2000 to 10 million tons. Neodymium metal is summary of the primary data ( (35%) , hundreds of thousands of ndfeb manufacturers in our country. In 1998, the annual production of 4 million tons. In 2000, the world demand for 3. 5 million tons of neodymium, domestic demand has reached 1 million tons. Has the rich rare earth resource in our country, many countries are from the import of rare earth elements in our country. About 80% of Japan's rare earth elements from China, metal neodymium with summary of market changes and shopping malls. Now, ndfeb rare earth magnet needs annual growth rate of 12 - in the international market 15%, annual growth rate over 20%, domestic metal neodymium market is promising.
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