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The circular factory introduced the kinds of magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-19
The circular parts. The lifting equipment for & lsquo; Self-contained & rsquo; , can cutting a magnet in machining workshop ready to move to a different work place, but a disadvantage of the permanent magnet lifting capacity is limited. Magnetic ring manufacturer introduce solenoid power excitation and sucked to the magnets on the surface of the material. Electromagnet used electric coil around the core, make the particles of the material with lron, according to a common direction, magnet for generating a magnetic field. Electromagnet usually works with direct current (dc), so we need rectifier. Unlike permanent magnets, magnet needs constant power source, this may be for the purpose of the electromagnet is not seen as a disadvantage, is seen as an advantage. In the use of electromagnet, the power could be disastrous, although you can use the available on the market today is multi-purpose power supply and battery backup systems to solve these problems. On the other hand, compared with a permanent magnet, the magnet can change the electric current ability to provide users with greater flexibility.
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