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The determinants of the price of ferrite magnets

by:Maghard      2021-02-28
There are many manufacturers of ferrite magnets, so many comparisons will be made when choosing. At this time, you will find that the price of ferrite magnets of the same specification will also be very different. What causes this? The author will answer below. 1. Non-manufacturer. Maybe you are not looking for a manufacturer, but a trader, and the price will be much higher than if you were looking for a manufacturer directly. 2. The demand is unclear. It is not clear what material is required for my magnet, whether it is required for high temperature resistance, etc., so some salespersons made mistakes about the material and reported the wrong price. 3. The quality of after-sales will also have a great impact on its price. 4. The cost is different. 5. The labor costs are different. Each factory pays different wages to its employees. Sometimes, in order to earn more, the price will be increased. The above points are the reasons for the different prices of ferrite magnets. You can find out.
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