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The difference between ferrite and powerful magnets

by:Maghard      2020-08-17
Ferrite as conventional products, the key is he can start from a very low magnetic, but it can bear high temperature, the production cost of cheap prices also make actually with a feature. Small children to market in the hands of magnet, sound the trumpet magnetic, large on the motor magnetic tile, has its shadow. Powerful magnets are the currently accepted magnetic magnet, as a representative of the powerful magnets, ndfeb with ultra high magnetic, magnetic high you beyond imagination. At the same time high coercive force is to guarantee the stability of magnet, makes a magnet for foreign materials, acid-base and magnetic field effects have good resistance to corrosion and demagnetization, degaussing cannot appear. Let it on motor, electrical machinery products is essential, as long as it is electric machine is inseparable from the ndfeb, ndfeb became the high-end large electrical products in all walks of life 'darling, instrument, medical equipment, toys, packaging, electronic communications, aerospace equipment, and other industries of the right of choice. Both are complementary to each other, whether it is a modern production work needs, or daily care that occupy the home, have fun, experiment, there is always a magnet for you!
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