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The difference between the strong magnet and ordinary magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-13
For magnet industry is not very understanding, most people would think ordinary magnet is that color black magnet, magnetic performance is bad. Powerful magnets is the magnet that color is white, the magnet magnetic is very strong. In fact, most people think that is not normal, difference, powerful magnets and ordinary magnet is to be difference from their material. Powerful magnets are generally adopts aluminum iron boron structure, ordinary magnet material are ferrite materials. Compared strong magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico, samarium cobalt magnetism can greatly over several other magnets, ndfeb magnets can adsorb itself, 640 times the weight of the weight, so the ndfeb by outsiders often referred to as a powerful magnet. Rare earth ndfeb magnets, the magnet is made from rare earth ndfeb magnet we China a more unique rare metal and other metal alloy sintering, can is a magnet in the magnet type a winner. Mainly because of his performance ( Magnetic size) Than any kind of magnet. The magnet is mainly applied to the field of printing and packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, motor, etc. Ferrite ( Ordinary magnets) : its main raw material is from ordinary magnet Fe2o3, in the process of making magnets, need after moulding fire to molding, because the quality of a material of Fe2o3 is more brittle, still more extensive ferrite magnet on the market at present, the main reason is that its price is cheap, strong resistance to high temperature, it is not easy oxidation, etc. But the only piece defect is ordinary magnet magnetic is small. Powerful magnet and ordinary magnet is have substaintial distinction from the material, in terms of performance on more powerful magnet is superior to the ordinary magnets, but powerful magnets and ordinary magnet or and their respective advantages, in choosing a magnet according to their own needs to choose! 1. 2 mm the price will be quite different. Similar to the difficulty of the processing method and demand quantity is also influential to the price of a powerful magnet. /
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