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The ferrite magnetic tile magnetic what is the cause of the weak are you like them?

by:Maghard      2020-08-18
As everybody knows, ferrite magnetic than ndfeb properties of low many, many, not a level, so what makes ferrite magnetic tile can be widely used, it has a unique advantage? 1, high permeability ferrite magnetic tile can behave when high frequency with high magnetic permeability. 2, high temperature resistant, not easy to demagnetization ferrite heat-resistant and stability is good, not even when you are in 180 ° demagnetization, and ndfeb with resistance to high temperature was also a very high price. 3, low price of ferrite tile price summary of prices too much, especially the ndfeb material prices recently, price is not stable, after 2 days it is a price, using ferrite magnetic tile can reduce the cost of the motor. As shown in figure: the above is the reason why ferrite tile welcome!
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