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The horn ( The speaker) What kind of magnet quality is better?

by:Maghard      2020-09-16
Speakers on the magnet, this I think we all know, the magnet on the speakers work? This estimate can speak few, dongguan speaker magnet manufacturer small make up today to share with you about the speaker magnet of those things. 1, what is the speaker magnet? Is simply the horn device in the magnets, is the horn magnets, referred to as 'trumpet magnetic. 2, the magnet on the speakers work? Loudspeaker paper cone with a coil ( Call the voice coil) , the audio signal to the voice coil, a current, current intensity, the direction of change, the position of voice coil will change in the magnetic field, voice coil vibration, will drive air vibration, the paper cone vibration, sound the horn. The bigger magnet is 3, horn sound lots of people answered and said, surely it must ah, actually otherwise, the sound of the horn is not magnet the bigger the better, because the magnet high density, low density, strong magnetic, weak magnetic, such as categories, if it is a low density of weak magnet horn, its effect is certainly not good, big volume and is not convenient to install. 4, horn ( The sound) What kind of magnet sound quality good? Magnet speakers generally with ferrite magnets with ndfeb permanent magnets. Ferrite permanent magnet is mainly used for medium/headset, ndfeb permanent magnets used in high-end headphones, the sound quality is very good, good elasticity, good details, vocal sound quality, sound field positioning accuracy. The net friend comment on: myapple: now fortress units is made much junk magnet. Ltjd007: personal feeling magnetic force and magnetic steel is out of step size, the magnet is not the same! Strong magnetic control well, of course, but there should be a balance of degrees! AKG: in a word, the speaker of the magnet size is should be the horn design need to decide, rather than to save a little magnet cost money. Following the old wild: not the bigger the better, is the material of magnetic steel, should suit the design parameters of the horn, you see how big is with strong magnetic trumpet magnetic steel - - - - - - - - - Magnetic ndfeb horn of main specifications are: & phi; 6*1,φ 6 * 1. 5,φ; 6*5,φ 6. 5 * 1. 5,φ; 6. 5 *φ 2 * 1. 5,φ; 12 * 1. 5,φ; 12. 5 * 1. 2 and so on, the unit mm. Trumpet magnetic coating: are generally choose galvanized, according to the requirements of environmental protection, also can undertake environmental protection, such as zinc plating.
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