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The importance of drawing for the magnet manufacturer!

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
Product drawings, I believe that a lot of people are not unfamiliar, he is a indispensable an important part for production. Drawings, for magnet manufacturer is very important, because the magnet of the production process is very complex, involving all aspects of factors. Magnet poles, for example, the performance of the magnet, the magnet surface as well as the direction of magnetic force and so on. So many factors that influence the magnet manufacturer is in manufacturing process, if no drawing to reference contrast, so long as out of the question in some factors, will lead to waste of whole magnet, this is not a waste of material is missing, but can't meet the requirements of customers for products. * magnet drawing for this case, our magnet manufacturer in production when the product to the customer, we have to provide drawings, sketches or plan, as a professional manufacturer of magnet magnet, due to our rich experience, all kinds of problems we are met, we in order to avoid problems, so we have to ask the customer to provide the product drawings. Only in this way, we can produce according to the customer in accordance with customer's performance of magnet products. As a professional magnet manufacturer of magnets to tell you that the product drawings for our production, it is very important, so, please at the time of production to provide us with the corresponding product drawings. If you have any questions about magnets products, yo can contact our magnet manufacturer, we can explain clearly for you yo, remember to CALL us!
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