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The influence of powerful magnets beginning when dynamic calculation

by:Maghard      2020-09-22
Powerful magnet in the breaking of the eddy current effect of which should be considered when the dynamic calculation, due to the strong magnet is a powerful magnet with the whole block magnetizer release time, so this is to a great extent depends on the influence of the eddy current and the coil circuit, and the influence of the process of open circuit contact head. Therefore, the accurate analysis and calculation in the powerful magnets is released, the dynamic process of it will be a very big difficulty, permanent magnet and this is largely due to eddy current for the characteristics of the magnetic induction intensity distribution along the magnetizer section, impact is the biggest of all. Here we simply introduce the calculation method and the simulation on the process, the approximate calculation results. Research method is able to apply to jewels powerful magnets, once a variation that can be used for other types of powerful magnet dynamic research. Magnet manufacturer and excessive procedure described in establishing equation, can use the following assumptions; 1. On the coil axis perpendicular to the magnetic conductor section think electromagnetic field is parallel to the plane. 2. Core column section on any of the magnetic induction intensity B and the direction of the magnetic field intensity H is parallel with the coil axis. 3. Just thinking of the vortex core effect. In the rest of the magnetizer ( Armature, yoke) Magnetic field is uniform along the cross section. And because the armature and the polar cap is not closed completely and its surface during coating formed by the gap, which makes known magnetic system size and the winding magnetic potential IW, the computing task then is to determine and powerful magnets ( ) The relationship between parameters of dynamic characteristics and event.
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