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The introduction of magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-20
In our junior high school physics textbooks we contact to the electromagnetic principle, we make use of this knowledge production of the motor rotor, thus was born the motor of this power plant. So you know what the magnet is? We visited changzhou motor rotor manufacturers, they provide us with some information about the magnet is introduced, the concrete content is as follows: what is the magnet, for just contact people scratching their heads, can't identify, only know that it's called magnet. In fact, there is no the magnet, magnet it is open, and the circular closed, it also more convenient to measure and after the first is the outer diameter is the length of it. For flat bar, more measured step, is its width. Magnet winding copper wire, it made induction effect on electronic circuit board. There is a magnet is used on the radio, antenna effect, can absorb every radio signals. Usually used in the circuit board on the magnet generally use nickel zinc materials, made the antenna on the radio, the zinc material. Zinc and nickel zinc and fierce material difference lies in its frequency, usually hundreds to thousands of nickel zinc materials, zinc material is several thousand to tens of thousands of. Why only a few thousand nickel zinc frequency, mainly is its material, nickel and zinc iron containing nickel oxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide of ferrite materials, such as high frequency materials, these materials are in the high frequency of 1 MHZ and several hundred MHZ can play very good impedance or induction effect. It also contains iron oxide zinc material and all kinds of material, it is used to remove the low frequency interference, is called the low frequency. So small make up remind people choosing a magnet, want to see how often, different frequency choose different magnet. Information about magnet, if you still have what not understand, please contact our company.
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