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The magnet effect of video games derivatives

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
Playing video games is not only a few give people enjoy of consumer goods, successful games is a huge industrial chain, its tentacles can reach almost all fields of traditional art, so the game peripheral market capacity is quite amazing. In accordance with the international prevailing standard of judgment, a mature game peripheral market value, is a direct output of 2 - the video game industry Nine times, if you count the game around the mass influence of the market, but also difficult to achieve the video game industry itself. In Japan, for example, the Japanese game manufacturers to launch the product, at least a third of the profits come from games around the market, and the whole Japan game industry market space, nearly half of all is a paradise for game peripheral products. Derivatives development around the game, is not a new concept of the developed country in video games, has become an important pillar of the gaming industry. Of the development of game peripheral products usually refers to the copyright owner or authorized by related development related to the content of physical form. Peripheral products in a variety of forms, usually include game characters image of the toy model, game content related books, game with LOGO or design of clothing, household items and music album in the game, and so on. The good news is that there are now some clairvoyance manufacturers have begun the game around the transition attempt. Which started earlier is golden hill. As early as in the 'sword net 2' promotion, golden hill is with domestic game peripheral products manufacturer in shenzhen d Thai science and technology cooperation design its surrounding products. Grand after the person will not fall on the peripheral product development, grand products surrounding the market outside of publishing and publishing products around divides into two broad categories. Grand derivatives sales is 18 times last year when I first got involved in the industry sales. In tencent. Tencent is the first company to dabble in peripheral products market in China, with the QQ penguin image of toy products are all the rage, believe some old players and impression. Tencent with just a few years time to get a penguin culture has become China's Internet users' pets' favorite, in mastering the Chinese to the forefront of timely communication software QQ, tencent and successfully create a QQ peripheral products of the image of the penguin. Although the broad market prospect of game peripheral products and profits have aroused the interest of the major manufacturers, but generally speaking, the development of Chinese game peripheral products still in lower level, it also related to the status quo of China's online game market. China's online game market has developed rapidly, but overall market forming time is short, and every year there are a lot of new book, although there is no lack of excellent work, but still lack of the test of time, like 'final fantasy' series, 'magic' series so that we can continue more than ten years there have been no popular works. China's game is still in 'the excellences dozens of days', so it is difficult to cultivate core players of a game with persistent love.
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