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The magnet in the role of geographical investigation

by:Maghard      2020-08-15
The earth is a giant magnet, so, the earth's magnetism and come from? It is since the ancient times there? It and the geological condition and have to do? The magnetic field in the universe? ? A lot of mineral resources on earth are symbiotic, that is to say, several kinds of minerals mixed together, because they have different magnetic. Using this feature, people developed a magnetic separator, is to use the different components of minerals the difference of magnetic and magnetic strength, with a magnet to attract these substances, then they are attractive, can separate mixed in with different magnetic minerals, magnetic separation is realized. Geomagnetic change also can be used in the exploration of ore deposits. Because of all the material has strong or weak magnetic, if they get together, formation of ore deposits, so must the earth magnetic field in the vicinity of the disturbance, the abnormal situation makes the earth's magnetic field. According to this, can be in the land, sea or air to measure the earth's magnetic, magnetic map, and then in the figure above geomagnetic field anomaly area is analyzed and the further exploration, often can discover the unknown or special geological structure of mineral resources, it makes sense for scientific research. Due to the different geological s rocks tend to have different magnetic. So scientists auxiliary judgment according to the rock magnetic, can be concluded that the change of geologic time and changes in the earth's crust.
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