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The magnet magnetic size is related to what?

by:Maghard      2020-09-16
Powerful magnet magnetic force is related to what? Powerful magnet materials and magnetic intensity, magnetization direction and use temperature and related to the volume. Summary of the main ingredients are materials such as Fe, Co, Ni, at room temperature can get very high magnetic after magnetization, and when the external magnetic field, after removing can still keep strong magnetic. Ferromagnetic can has the magnetic force is mainly because they have very strong internal magnetic field exchange. Ndfeb magnet is N35 - making N52 performance of materials, in the case of the same size different magnetic performance of the material system made goods, the higher the level the stronger the magnetism. The use of magnets and magnetic products related to temperature. General performance of the magnet maximum resistance to high temperature is 80 ℃. More than 80 ℃ the magnet magnetic will fade away, lose magnetism. Different ndfeb material can meet the requirements of different resistance to high temperature. Ndfeb magnet high temperature can reach 230 ℃, highest can be applied to various industries. Magnet magnetic also in volume. Under the condition of the same material, the size of the products different magnetic intensity is different also. These are directly affect the magnetic of magnet products. So the customer in the purchase, according to the requirements of the product to choose different material and size of the magnet.
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