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The magnet powder is short for magnetic powder body

by:Maghard      2020-10-01
The magnet powder is short for magnetic powder body - 2010 In 2015 China magnetic materials industry research and strategic advisory report high-speed development, township and village enterprises have mushroomed. Starting in the 80 s, China began to form a magnetic material industry system, because of the needs of the development of the situation and the requirement of the enterprise magnets, magnetic material industry association of China was founded in the mid - 80 - s. Second is to steadily improve the period of the 90 s, China's magnetic materials industry not only in the aspect of development, and attention to quality, the industry formed a distinctive backbone enterprises. Three is the 21st century into the internationalization development, accession to the WTO intensifies the marketization process, faced with new challenges and opportunities. Outward expansion of China's national enterprises, taking the bankruptcy of foreign enterprises and joint international big company, at the same time, foreign companies are also constantly to expand in China, on the coexistence and competition period, so to speak. According to the latest survey about the market research firm, 2004 cars and 54. 9 million light vehicle production in the world, to 2005, will reach the 60 million mark, an all-time record. In 1997 China's auto production for 158. 234, 30000, 2001. 20000 vehicles, including cars produced 69. 50000 units. Of cars in all production and the proportion of less than 30%, in 2002 is the first year after China's entry into the world trade organization, the yield at more than 3 million cars in China mark, 325. 10000, 38. 3%, car production is increased by 52. 84%, exceeding million mark for the first time, 106. 9. 24 million, car proportion reached 32. 7%. Enter 2003, the market continues, the production of various kinds of 4. 44 million cars, 4. 39 million sales, growth in 75, respectively. 28%, ranking in the world in 2003, up from 2002 fifth in 4. In 2004, the total output of 5. 07 million cars in China, growth of 14. About 2%, of which 2. 4 million cars, growth at around 16%. In 2005, China's auto production in 5. 71 million, the proportion of cars has reached 48. 49%. In 2006, the total output of 7. 28 million cars in China, ranked third, with car proportion of them have reached 53. About 15%. Due to the automotive industry has become the fifth pillar industries of China's national economic development, it will promote the development of a series of industries, including magnetic materials industry. One of the biggest potential market of rare earth permanent magnet motor will be auto industry. Automobile industry is one of the ndfeb permanent magnet used most areas. In each car, generally can have dozens of parts to use permanent magnet motor, such as electric seat, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, electric Windows, electric wiper, air conditioner, etc. With the constant improvement of the automobile electronic technology requirements, the number of the used motor will more and more. Magnetic powder is short for magnetic powder body, base materials ndfeb is composed of a large number of particles and the space between the particles of aggregate. The powder body is between solid and colloidal substances. At zero. Below 1 um solid substances known as colloid, size above the LMM are called dense body or solid. Ndfeb magnet powder body there are many small pore surface and connection between particles is very small, cannot form between atoms on the surface of the strong bonding force, so the powder body don't like the dense body has a fixed shape, and showed similar to liquid liquid. Dense body no macro pore, rely on the atomic bonding force coupling. Rare earth magnet alloy preparation technology is usually used in powder metallurgy method. Alloy ingot produced by this method. Ndfeb magnet powder pulverizing is divided into three technology coarse, medium and fine, powder particle size is 3 ~ 5 um. Easy oxidation of rare earth magnet metal, for example to generate Smz 03, Nd2 03, etc. , these oxides fine powder in the air at higher temperature will be spontaneous combustion, magnetic interactions, powder become secondary powder particles, when thousands of van der Waals force between powder particles in the powder, London force and magnetic force back together under the group of small particles, so the powder of rare earth permanent magnet alloy main illiquid in the air, for the next working procedure in a magnetic field orientation forming cause certain difficulties magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. Magnet products used in toys, jewelry, crafts gifts, handmade gift box, leather handbags invisible magnetic button, plastic hardware products, audio equipment and other industries. 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