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The main cause of ndfeb strong magnet aging is introduced

by:Maghard      2020-09-04
Ndfeb aging, there are two main reasons. 1, damp and wet or salt fog environment, does not favor the ndfeb preservation. For a long time in such an environment makes ndfeb surface corrosion, which produce ndfeb aging. The solution is coating should choose the film of salt spray test for 24 hours or longer 48, 72 hours salt spray test coating. 2, high temperature of different materials such as ndfeb have N M file number. Different grades, the highest working temperature and Curie temperature. Such as the brand of ndfeb N gear, its highest working temperature is 80 ℃. More than the temperature, the will of ndfeb magnetic losses. Curie temperature, will completely lose the magnetism. In general, the highest temperature is reached can produce damage to the magnet, resulting in a summary of the aging damage.
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