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the neodymium magnet - unbelievable power

by:Maghard      2020-03-10
Incredible nd magnets have magnets all the time, from ceramics to rubber materials for fridge magnets, and thousands of other items that we have used many times, alnico magnets are by far the strongest and most popular in industrial products.
About 20 years ago, with the launch of the most incredible daily equipment since the manufacture of krazy Glue, cold, chemical light rods, hot Glue guns and lithium batteries, the whole world changed overnight, rare earth, nickel-
The nd-plated magnet changed the world overnight.
First of all, if you don\'t have a hard drive with a nd magnet in your computer, it won\'t have a hard drive.
Depending on the size, shape and grade, these little guys may be hundreds of times more powerful than the old aluminum nickel iron magnets.
For example, if the disk shown in the photo is smaller than the thick quarterly size is placed on the steel plate, it cannot be picked up, and you have to slide it very hard to the edge of the plate, or pry it up with a knife or chisel.
Four, 1 inch by half
If properly hung, the inch nd block magnet can easily support the car engine.
If the two quarterly sized magnets shown in the photo stick together, chances are you won\'t be able to separate them unless they are separated again and you hit a knife or something in the middle of them
These things are simply incredible and responsible for thousands of modern devices and inventions that do not work properly without them.
Do you know how many different ways to lift a hand on your workspace wall?
From nail plates to regular nails with tool profiles, none of them have worked for a long time.
Now, a little bit.
For 15 cents each, you can put a bunch of inches of nd button mags up with silicone, which can hold almost all of your manual tools.
The Workbench picture is in my son\'s garage.
You can\'t be simple anymore.
These tools do not have to be placed in any particular location, they are as great as magic.
One thing to note is that these magnets are potentially dangerous and should be handled with care.
1β keeps them away from all electronic devices because many devices use magnetic-sensitive elements that can be destroyed or changed in parameters under the influence of a strong external magnetic field.
This includes a display tube or grill on an old-fashioned TV set.
I\'m not sure, but I don\'t think I want one near the pacemakers either.
The 2 x80 ¦ nd material is compressed into any conceivable shape, then copper plated and finally a layer of nickel plated.
The material is very brittle, so don\'t want to hit one with a hammer.
If the plating breaks, you will have hundreds of super sharp nd pieces on all the metal that the magnet sticks.
In fact, if you happen to be standing next to a thick steel frame, you break a powerful nd magnet when you\'re in, you will most likely get stuck with very sharp pieces of magnet rushing to the steel plate.
Two of these little monsters slammed me many times together, and the power was incredible.
Do not try to drill through these magnets.
This process will produce toxic gases and you will destroy the magnets as well.
If you need to stick the silicone onto something, use the silicone.
Hot glue or Krazy Glue will not last for a long time.
Neodymium s is available in dozens of places online, and even a 1 inch-pound super-powerful magnet will only cost $10 to $15, but unless you need a big boy, otherwise you may be hurt by it.
The small button mags shown in the picture is cheap and can be used for a large number of applications around the house.
Like other dangerous tools, keep them away from pets and children.
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