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The oval custom magnets? Magnet manufacturer to tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-22
The oval custom magnets? Magnet manufacturer to tell you that the elliptical magnets, oval shape in our eyes the magnet factory belongs to run to the magnet, also belong to the alien magnet. Elliptical magnet seems simple a magnet to the magnet, but its technology is not so simple. Below we explain for you about magnet manufacturer. First, elliptical magnet it both part of the circle, and there was a part of the straight. Because there are both round and straight, so this is no ordinary cutting machine can produce. Production of the elliptic magnet that is much needed precision wire cutting machine, general magnet manufacturers are using ordinary cutting machine, because the multi-line cutting machine cost is higher, specifically for special-shaped products, so a lot of magnet manufacturers do not form a complete set of machinery and equipment. Through the above story, it is estimated that you are now clear oval magnet is how to produce. Contact us if you still don't understand.
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