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The permanent magnet alloy can be processed a strong magnet

by:Maghard      2020-08-14
Powerful magnets can be processed permanent magnet alloy has the advantage of this kind of magnet can be mechanical processing. ( 1) Iron base alloy. Drill clamp including iron, iron, cobalt tungsten and tungsten molybdenum iron drill, such as the magnetic energy product is small, only seven. 958x 103TA/m。 ( 2) Drill iron manganese and vanadium titanium alloy of iron. Including iron, vanadium can be processed into various shapes, not only its magnetic energy product also amounted to ( 2. 367×10' ~ 3. 342 x 104) Give a taste of TA/m, there are conditions and opportunities. ( 3) Copper base alloy. With copper nickel and iron and nickel and cobalt alloy, deficiency is also a small magnetic energy product, in the ( 6. A 1, 366 x 10 '. 512 x 104) TA/m。 ( 4) In the add silicon iron cobalt alloy. Magnetic energy product can rise to ( 3. 183×104 ~ 4. 218 x 104) TA/m. Effect when the metal or alloy powder touch body particles close to the cell body ( Magnetic domain) Size, found that the coercive force rapid growth, such as iron powder particles of the unit cell of coercive eed IOOOA/m. The magnets consist of fine metal or alloy powder pressed into ( Add glue) 。 For adoption of iron, cobalt alloy of iron, manganese ferrite bismuth alloy, etc. Powder particles of only a single domain size ( As a general rule, be O. Olpm ~ lflm) After forming, basically remain single domain. Manganese bismuth alloy maximum magnetic energy product of 7. 958 x 103 TA/m, spherical iron powder of 2. 785×104 ta / m。 Micro needle iron powder of 3. 979×104TA/m。 This crooked to Dan might skin size slightly mei ling, the call to save material, magnetic circuit design and materials and process the relations between the permanent magnet performance depends on its chemical composition, but also is closely related to the process conditions. Permanent magnet is a kind of brittle and hard material, besides can grinding, wire cutting, it more difficult for the other machine with the king. In fierce this battle plan for the process problem should be enough to know. ( 1) For casting process, the magnet shape is modelling is difficult, complex for plate is too thin, very thin rods, too thick block, tiny holes, such as types, there will be serious cracking, deformation defects such as shrinkage cavity, slag inclusion, it is difficult to make good product. Casting magnets hard and brittle, in addition to grinding, is not suitable for other processing. So when the design, must try to reduce the machining parts. Grinding size tolerance, in 5 mm, OOmm, for 0. 02 mm, parallelism for more than 1/100. Even able to cast, complex shape of magnet magnetization when cracking in the magnetic field, poor reliability. In those days for processing of magnetic materials, is a magnetic material made a breakthrough. Machinable magnetic materials can be cutting, drilling, bending a - - - - Greatly expands the application of materials. ( 2) Powder metallurgy method of high material utilization, magnet high dimensional accuracy, surface roughness is small, the shape can be a bit complicated, internal porosity is higher, but the magnet magnet relative density is small, so the low remanence, poor mechanical strength, and also to be fit for complicated shape and large size magnets. ( 3) Magnet is commonly in the condition of demagnetization factory, should be stored in a dry, room temperature, it is forbidden to use made of ferromagnetic material tools to adjust, loading and unloading, beating the magnetic system. The above respectively introduces the performance parameters of all kinds of magnetic materials. All kinds of magnetic material has a corresponding national standards, each worker more relevant factory standards. But the practical experience proved that magnetic material real you magnetic with the provisions of the standard data often have some deviation. Same type of magnetic material, different factory, different batch can occur between some can detect differences, and differences of the root and from production plants for the change of raw material, operating process control and some reasons to find out. The other magnetic material test sample size and shape are standardized, and the actual use of soft materials of its shape, size is not the same, and the difference of the shape, size and can make the magnetic can change. The consequences are magnetic circuit design itself can't be accurate, actual condition and design, this is a long-standing contradiction magnetic circuit design.
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