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The permanent magnet price and quality

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
Permanent magnet is magnetic force of permanent magnet in the normal environment, said here on the permanent magnet ndfeb strong magnet, shenzhen al magnetoelectric co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of a permanent magnet for 11 years, annual output of 7500 square, is well-known companies such as zte, byd, amazon magnet supplier. Permanent magnet prices by the cost of materials, slice, electroplating, the magnetization of packing, etc, shape of complex also includes drilling, line cutting, special-shaped processing fee and so on. The material cost accounts for the proportion of the biggest, so customers in the design of products, we are advising clients to choose the right size, to save costs. Quality is more, from material for some irregular magnet enterprises choose back to the furnace charge, black leather material to make products. Material cost is a lot of difference, it is each manufacturer to quote out the price difference is a big reason. From the product of tolerance, a lot of magnet manufacturer is not in the production of quality inspector, magnet tolerance difference is very big. Electroplating, some of the permanent magnet manufacturer to send a few small electroplating factory processing, cost cheap, but the plating color, coating binding force and so on are very poor, from the magnetization packaging for, some lack of missing Angle of seconds are not selected, direct delivery, and so on, these questions are common problems. And if you want to and the distinguishing, you had some requirements of products, you can look to al magnetoelectricity.
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