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The price of the magnet is determined by what way

by:Maghard      2020-09-20
Magnetic materials with magnetic orderly strong magnetic material, generalized also includes the application of the magnetic and magnetic effect of weak magnetism and antiferromagnetic material. Magnetism is a basic attribute of the matter. Material according to the character of its internal structure and outer magnetic field can be divided into the magnetic resistance, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic ferrous and magnetic materials. Strong ferromagnetic and ferrous magnetic materials for magnetic materials, magnetic and magnetic resistance material for weak magnetic materials. Is what we've seen a magnet by the diameter of the height of the cylinder magnet first tag, they are usually tall cylinder diameter. Straight line new called block is a rectangle or a square cross section with various thickness selection, rare earth neodymium samarium cobalt boron ( Ndfeb) Is an alternative, as samarium cobalt magnet can withstand higher temperatures, more resistant to corrosion, and summary. But the magnet price is decided by many factors. CD cylindrical new referred to as' CD ', than ndfeb, samarium cobalt magnet market price sensitivity is relatively expensive. Samarium cobalt is used in the computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tube, linear actuator, satellite systems and some of the motor. In general, the magnet is divided into two main column list: disc and block. Qualified plating products, under normal circumstances, plating coating should not be rust spots. In too humid, air liquidity is not good, when the temperature difference is bigger, even the salt fog test qualified products long stored in the bad environment can produce rusty spot. When plating products stored in a harsh environment, base layer to further react with water, will cause the base layer and the adhesion strength of the coating is reduced, serious when still can cause local pulverization, basal and natural peeling. Electroplating products should not be placed in high humidity places for a long time, should be placed in a cool, dry place. Processing technology of ferrite magnet is very delicate, perfect coating technology make products more highlight quality.
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