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The reason of powerful magnet prices

by:Maghard      2020-08-15
We are in China in the last two years of rare earth, and the rare earth industry reorganization, make can make longer for the sustainable development of the industry, it is necessary to turn off some lag in technology, production capacity also failed to keep pace with the small mineral. Also integrate some companies at the same time, make its more better technology, through these measures make the wrong in the industry of rare earth mineral company is much less. Less obvious supply of rare earth minerals company, competition is not as intense as before, the price will naturally rise. In fact this is also our country to a powerful means to protect rare earth mineral industry. On the day on both sides, the two parties in their own country is no rare earths mineral area, can be said in the kingdom of graces is rare earth mineral lean ore, lean ore district. Why don't want to import rare earths to our country? Before this is extremely cheap rare earth resources in our country, and exports is very big, their demand is very big also, if the two parties in other countries to buy rare earth minerals, first of all, the price is high, the second can be purchased at the same time in several countries gather full of rare earth they need. Japan magnet industry in order to get rid of the dependence on rare earth mine, are working on new magnet. Recently, Japan has developed new ferrite powerful magnets do not contain rare earth elements. While the United States? Because the United States in their native mined rare earth than buying in transportation in our country will be higher prices in the United States, the United States at the same time also to put these non-renewable strategic resources for better protection, so turn off the home of rare earth mine first! As nonrenewable resources such as the United States their own fields and sealed, first using the other countries, such as in other countries is used up, with their own.
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