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The role of a permanent magnet on the shock absorber

by:Maghard      2020-09-20
Vibrator type and high density of permanent magnet group are embedded in the movement of the piston, the piston rod will pass at the ends of the nylon sliding bearing is fixed on the shock absorber of the cylinder block, this time between piston and cylinder usually have some appropriate clearance, so that it can let the freedom of the permanent magnet the piston within the cylinder reciprocating sliding; Then stator coil on cylinder body will directly through wires connected to external electronic controller ECU. So electric vehicles driving on damping performance good roads, will be lower because of the shock absorber and wheel directly or cradle is linked together, so that will drive the permanent magnets within the shock absorber piston reciprocating movement up and down, due to the high density of permanent magnet to form a strong magnetic field will continue to cut the stator coil, thus makes the stator coil of alternating current is induced, after rectification will turn into a direct current (dc), and transmission electron control switch. Then because of the electronic controller ECU control electronic switch, directly will generate induced electromotive force (on each electromagnetic damper The average gets 25 w) And other electronic devices to produce induced electromotive force, such as regenerative braking current are collected, the best will be transported to the battery, so that it can give battery charging, also achieve the goal of increasing the electric vehicle battery power.
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