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The role of bovine stomach magnets

by:Maghard      2020-08-18
Magnet is a kind of in cattle (bovine stomach Cows) The stomach of a magnet, the cow is a ruminant animal, large volume of the stomach. Cattle feeding forage, food in mouth just chew and swallow, gluttony and hungry to eat faster, so yi metal ingested foreign bodies, such as metal wire, iron nails, iron, nut, stitches, hair clips, etc. Foreign body is food package by rumen, enters reticulum, due to network gastric volume small, the stomach muscle contraction force is strong, if metal foreign body is blunt, is easy cause traumatic gastritis, generally suffer from cattle symptoms before the chronic stomach delays, and break out repeatedly. When metal foreign bodies as sharpness, can Pierce or pierced traumatic network and network the lining of the stomach gastritis. When effective will cattle eat forage grass and feed the eyewinker solid adsorption on the magnet stick, the foreign body in the network can't move in the stomach, mainly to prevent traumatic gastritis, magnet placed in rumen or mesh, and stay there in the animal's life. As shown in figure:
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