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The role of the magnet in the wireless charger

by:Maghard      2020-08-19
Applied to wireless charging system of permanent magnet material, on the one hand, enhanced magnetic flux between transmit and receive coil, progressive transmission efficiency; On the other hand, as a positioning device between transmitting and receiving, is advantageous for the terminal device quickly correct positioning. Small wireless charging equipment is multi-purpose NdFeB permanent magnet materials; Large wireless charging equipment available permanent magnetic ferrite materials instead of NdFeB permanent magnet materials, reduce the capital. Such as: the university of British Columbia ( 哥伦比亚大学) Adopts non-contact dynamic magnetic coupling or MDC method, using two rotating permanent magnet magnetic field interaction, from 102 mm to 152 mm for EV charging. Type a, single-coil free position charging equipment internal coil with a drive device, it can move in the plane. Through the automatic detection device is placed, moving coil to the position, make the position of the coil is consistent with the terminal receives the position. Progress so as to realize charging and charging efficiency, this kind of design, can allow the terminal on the battery by any position on the pad. Qi scale delineated such charger working frequency is 140 KHZ, because need moving coil, requires every disk has high reliability, so every disk usually extending application flow of flexible disk of the production process. Second, more freedom of coil type charger can charge the battery at the same time of terminal location, its internal arranged a number of coil, the coil cover the recharge area of big department. Thus, the terminal can be freely placed in the charging, the charger will automatically select several efficient transmission coil to power. Qi scale, more freedom of coil position type charger working frequency of 105 KHZ to 113 KHZ, every disk the chosen instrument with high and low loss characteristics of Bs MnZn power materials.
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