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The silver magnet is how the custom?

by:Maghard      2020-09-09
The silver magnet is how the custom? Magnet for silvery white, actually it is not called silver magnets, but ordinary magnet. For our magnet manufacturer, this is only us on the magnet production process 'plating'. In our magnet production, raw materials are ndfeb magnets, it USES the rare earth sintering of a black items. Magnet, we produce according to customer demand, through the machine carved customers want the magnet to the customer, because the magnet cut out is black, and on the beautiful relatively not so good-looking, so a lot of customer requirement of magnets do plating, is silvery white, we often say that silver in beautiful and corrosion are all play a role on it. Beautiful and above, the silver-white color can let a person feel relatively relaxed, won't have that kind of depressive feeling, can improve the additional value products for accessories; After plating, to protect magnet itself more, reduce the corrosion to the magnet themselves, increase the use time of magnet. To customise the magnet at this point, you still have what not understand? If you have not understand, can CALL us yo magnet manufacturer, we will tell you!
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