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The spherical magnet can make to order?

by:Maghard      2020-09-09
The spherical magnet can make to order? Spherical magnet, is really like a spherical shape, his appearance is sleek and smooth a similar ball products. Magnet manufacturer in our opinion, the spherical magnets are not uncommon in our daily life, he will be used in health care products, such as magnetic bead bracelet, health care pillow. Because the magnetic beads is smooth, not like the square magnet easily get injured. Spherical magnet, both in the beautiful and space use occupy a certain advantage, because of its sleek, succeed in bracelet will not cut the skin of human body. Can be more beautiful in appearance, not like the square magnet is uneven. Spherical magnet application on the pillow can save a space, can also play the role of a comfortable massage channels. Under the numerous shape magnet selection, spherical is relatively more advantages, use it to make health care products is beyond doubt. If you have any questions on the magnet with the above can be consulting us, CALL us!
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