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The use of manganese zinc magnet and production requirements

by:Maghard      2020-09-19
Method of use: 1 of manganese zinc magnet. Manganese zinc copper 2 as long as possible. The aperture and the cable through the combination of the closer the better. 3. Low-frequency side harassment, suggest cable around 2 ~ 3 turns, the high frequency end harassment, can't turn around, Because of the existence of the distributed capacitance) Manganese zinc magnetic ring, choose a bit longer. Choke coil when production should meet the following requirements: 1) Winding on the magnetic core coil leads to mutual insulation, to ensure that under the effect of transient overvoltage coil breakdown does not occur turn-to-turn short circuit. 2) When the instantaneous large current flows through the coil, don't appear saturated magnetic core. 3) Coil in the magnetic core and coil insulation to prevent under transient overvoltage between occurrence breakdown. 4) Should as far as possible winding coil monolayer, such doing can decrease coil parasitic capacitance, enhance the coil of transient overvoltage and teaching ability.
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