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The working principle of acoustics magnet

by:Maghard      2020-10-04
Speakers on the magnets are common and ndfeb magnet, ferrite magnet but general ferrite with better more. And sound is high to the requirement of quality are generally adopts permanent magnet. He will directly affect the permanent magnet stereo speakers sound effects. Ordinary ferrite permanent magnets generally is mainly used for cheap headphones, ndfeb permanent magnets used in high-end headphones, the sound quality is very good, good elasticity, good details, vocal sound quality, sound field positioning accuracy. Magnetic ndfeb horn of main specifications are: & phi; 6*1,φ 6 * 1. 5,φ; 6*5,φ 6. 5 * 1. 5,φ; 6. 5 *φ 2 * 1. 5,φ; 12 * 1. 5,φ; 12. 5 * 1. 2, such as digital units are in millimeters. The specific need according to the speaker the required specifications. Speaker magnet works: change of current through sound, magnet into the magnet. Current direction changing, magnet wire in the magnetic field force kept back and forth movement, and drive the paper cone vibrating back and forth. The sound came can make a sound. Let's to analyze the cause of the speaker volume is small. One, the speaker performance is bad, magnetic steel magnetic decline. As we know, the sensitivity of the speaker are mainly depends on the sound of a permanent magnet magnetic, paper quality and assembly process of the basin. We can take advantage of the ferromagnetic objects to touch, magnetic steel, and then according to the size of the appeal to roughly estimate the strength of the magnetic steel magnetic, if magnetism is too weak, can only replace the speaker. Second, the loose core column. A when loose core column of a speaker, it will be magnetic plate to the absorption to the side, so that the voice coil squeezed so will hinder the normal voice. So when we are in the maintenance suggestion can be used to handle gently press paper cone, if press motionless, then most likely is voice coil by core column pressure, need to remove at the same time after the cementation to restore to use again. Third, abnormal frequency divider. If in the audio frequency divider in the components, then the corresponding frequency band signal can be blocked, there is the volume of small fault and the spectrum speaker. So we need to focus on inspection and dividing capacitance shunting woofer is short circuit, and the frequency division of the tweeters in parallel inductance coil if there is a short circuit between the layers.
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