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【 Tile magnet 】 Show you how the magnet classification

by:Maghard      2020-10-03
【 Tile magnet 】 Show you how the magnet classification is divided into two types: natural and artificial. Artificial magnet is usually made of metal alloy, has the strong magnetism. And can be divided into 'permanent magnet' and 'non permanent magnet, namely' hard magnetic 'and' soft magnetic. Main ingredients: natural magnet ferroferric oxide, chemical formula Fe3O4, often called 'magnetic iron oxide. Black crystals with magnetic. Can be seen as ferrous oxide and the compound composed of ferric oxide. Because in the ferroferric oxide crystals are two kinds of different valence state of ions, a third of them are Fe2 +, two-thirds are Fe3 +, is a kind of complex compounds. It does not dissolve in water, also can not react with water.
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