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tired magnets

by:Maghard      2020-02-29
Refrigerator magnets must constantly overcome gravity, indicating that they are consuming energy.
So why don\'t they run out of juice and fall off after a few years?
Magnets stick to the refrigerator door without energy consumption at all, just like non-magnets do not need energy
Magnetic objects like books are placed on shelves.
This book is supported by electrostatic exclusion between atoms, which prevents collisions between ordinary solids, but the key principles in both cases are the same.
First, the force itself does not work simply by keeping the object in a fixed position.
Secondly, the force is generated by the nature of the material, which in principle can continue more or less indefinitely.
Some systems consume energy to resist gravity when there is nowhere to go, such as helicopters hovering at a fixed height, but in this case, all the energy enters the movement of the surrounding air.
In a system like a refrigerator , nothing moves or changes and no energy can be consumed.
If the refrigerator is replaced by a battery
The battery will eventually run out of an energized , but this is only because the resistance in the wire loses heat.
The magnetic field itself requires a certain amount of energy to create, but once established, it can maintain a constant state without any further energy and colon;
In this case, the cycle current does not encounter resistance.
In the long run, even permanent magnets lose their magnetic properties, but this is the result of a random thermal motion that slowly knocks the magnetic poles into a state of disorder, and they no longer queue up to generate great power in one direction.
In this case, instead of losing energy, the gains energy from the environment.
Greg EGEN of Perth, Western Australia, can only complete the work when the troops operate from a distance.
In other words, there must be movement involved.
So as long as the is stationary, then its magnetic force will not work, so it will not consume energy.
This is no different from the bowl sitting on the table.
The table constantly holds the bowl against gravity, but that does not mean that the strength of the legs of the table or the gravitational field of the Earth is disappearing.
For a long enough time, the \"permanent\" does gradually lose its magnetic properties.
But this is due to random thermal vibrations that cause atoms to be rearranged occasionally in their solid structures, which leads to inconsistent arrangement of magnetic domains.
So eventually the will fall off the fridge (
Of course, if you wait long enough, the table will end up falling apart as well).
We have a false impression that because of the way our muscles work, it takes constant energy consumption to produce static forces.
Even if the wall does not move, we will find it very tiring to lean against the wall.
This is because our individual muscle cells are bending in this state, which consumes the stored chemical energy, releases lactic acid, and makes our muscles tired and painful.
The Simon Iverson unit in Newcastle, England only works when moving something.
If I lift the off the floor and put it on the fridge, the force on my arm will work.
But the refrigerator is also moving relative to gravity, so gravity does as much \"negative work \".
We call this negative work the energy gained by the .
Once the is still again, there is no work.
This means that the that is still on the refrigerator will not consume energy because the energy state will not change.
So the stays in its position indefinitely.
Some magnets have a \"Watchman\" that keeps the magnetic strength \".
This is a material that is easily magnetized, connecting the poles of the .
Without a breeder, the will disappear.
Magnetized over time.
To remove the goalkeeper, force must be applied to pull it out of the , so the work is done and canceled
Will be magnetized.
When the goalkeeper is replaced, this magnetized will not be restored, so doing this repeatedly to the will damage its magnetic properties.
Good magnetic material is hard to magnetized and demagnetizedmagnetise.
These are highly \"mandatory \";
That is, it is difficult for them to force in or out of the magnetized state.
The fridge magnets are made of this material and their poles are very close.
However, repeatedly pulling out the refrigerator from the refrigerator may eliminatemagnetise it.
Worth a try!
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