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To promote the class of gift box, start from the magnet

by:Maghard      2020-08-25
To promote the class of gift box, start from the magnet of gift box, let's listen to the name will know that this product is a high-end not low grade. Shape is hid inside, everything is given priority to with appearance. However, we are very curious, how to maintain the appearance of this box integrity, but also smart. This certainly is not associated with the powerful magnet, with super strong magnet magnetic, can be installed under the condition of ensure the integrity of the surface strong magnet. So both maintain the integrity of the appearance, and the appearance of bonding is more practical, more easy and convenient operation. And powerful magnets can be according to the requirement of the gift box to adjust the shape of the magnet, can either round and square, can be customized according to requirements. Powerful magnet made of gift box of the application of upgrades, if your product to improve the grade, you need a strong magnet yo can contact us, we will tailor a suitable for you you powerful magnets.
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