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To understand what is the plastic magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-20
By all of us in front of the understanding of the plastic magnet and other copper products, believe that many friends should have mastered using our knowledge of these products, all around us, many places need to use the plastic magnetic products, the use of these plastic magnetic some quite a lot of advantages, changzhou plastic CiChang home has a wealth of experience in manufacturing plastic magnetic, today we have to get to know what is called plastic magnet, I believe you will have deeper understanding on plastic magnet. Plastic magnetic, as the name implies, magnetic plastics is a magnetic plastic products. Ordinary plastic without ferromagnetic. But can be formed with special method of ferromagnetic material: one is trying to change the plastic components, making them with magnetic. This method is still in the investigation. 2 it is added in the ordinary plastic magnetic powder, become a composite magnetic plastics. This method made the magnetic plastics has are widely used in our life. Composite magnetic plastics is made up of resin and magnetic powder, resin adhesive effect, magnetic powder is the source of magnetism. Used to populate the magnetic powder is mainly ferrite powder and rare earth permanent magnet powder. Composite magnetic plastic according to the magnetic properties and can be divided into two categories: one kind is easy magnetization direction of the magnetic particles is desultorily, called isotropic magnetic plastics, performance is low, usually by barium ferrite as magnetic materials. Another kind is in the process of processing through additional magnetic field and mechanical force, make the easy magnetization direction of the magnetic powder order, called anisotropic magnetic plastic, use more strontium ferrite magnetic plastics. Looks like plastic magnet is not so easy as we imagine, side plastic magnet type is very much, we according to the different methods of processing of plastic magnet, it is divided into many different kinds of plastic magnet, also understand the plastic magnet magnetic source, it seems that the plastic magnetic products we use around is very much, although now we have lots of friends know enough about plastic magnetic products, because they are now less contact, so we now or it is necessary to introduce the model of magnetic products.
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