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unique magnetic clasps by pandahall -

by:Maghard      2020-03-05
PandaHall has a dedicated laboratory with trained personnel to check the lead content in our products.The Lead-Free inspection equipment can detect metal products very accurately and provide accurate content analysis reports.Pandahall is a combination of well-known factories in China and the online market for small commodities in China.The company operates a large number of retail sales of jade, silver, gemstones and other products.A notable feature of the company is that it is a seller verified by Squaretrade.PandaHall also specializes in providing solutions to customers and modifying and channelizing them according to their needs.Among the products sold by the company, classsis is very famous.The international business of pandahall has a special logistics center.Purchasing, sorting, distribution and so on all the things that need to be managed.Completed in this center.As mentioned earlier, pandahall is one of the leading companies in the production of cheap and affordable magnetic card rings.Some of the top products offered on the company\'s website are 304 stainless steel magnetic snap rings, which are probably the best magnetic snap rings ever.These snap rings are oval in shape and are made of stainless steel in color.The product size is 16mm long, 8mm wide, 3mm holes.When using 304 stainless steel, it can prevent the product from being corroded or rusted.It is ideal for bracelets and focus pieces as it is very lightweight and sturdy.The manufacturing process takes about 3 days and the package size includes 40 pieces per package with 2 sets per package.Brassmagnetic claspis is very versatile because it has a wide range of colors and styles.The size of the product is as follows 5 to 8mm wide, 11 to 24mm long and the hole is 1mm.100 sets per price.They are also very reasonable and easy to get.16 per pack.98$.Another outstanding product of the company is a rectangular alloy magnetic snap ring that does not contain lead, nickel and cadmium.The dimensions are 23x26x8mm and the holes are 3x24mm.20 sets per package, 1 price per package.69$.The weight is only 18 grams and it takes about 3 days to make this product.316 stainless steel magnetic snap ring size is rectangular.13mm wide, 30mm long and 8mm thick.The hole is 6mm wide and 11mm long.These snap rings weigh 203g and have 10 pieces per package.There are many important reasons why people should go to panda hall, which became such a famous company and continue to develop further.It has a dedicated laboratory with trained and skilled professionals.Their main job is to check the lead content in the product.It is well known that excessive lead is very harmful.PandaHall\'s lead-free inspection equipment conducts accurate detection of all metal products and provides accurate content analysis reports.In addition to this, in order to increase the growth, the company has a special showroom that details the products of pandahall to the customers.
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