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united kingdom : rolls-royce announces delivery of first permanent magnet tunnel thruster.

by:Maghard      2020-03-08
Royce, a global power system company, has delivered the first new-
Permanent magnet tunnel propeller (TT-PM)
The Olympic shipping company will operate the propeller on their ships.
The tunnel propeller is located in the front and back positions of various vessels, providing lateral thrust for handling and holding positions in the turbulent ocean. The TT-
PM offers many advantages over conventional tunnel propellers, including a 25% increase in power output of the same size propeller, a significant reduction in noise and vibration, and can be removed underwater without dry docking.
President Anders almestade
Sea, roll
We are delighted that Olympic shipping is the first customer to choose our new tunnel propeller, said Royce.
This cutting-edge technology is suitable for a range of applications at sea and merchant ships where operators will benefit from their high power output and rapid response to power demand, as well as extremely low noise levels.
The new propeller is quiet, efficient and durable.
It is capable of running thousands of hours in intensive operations, such as harsh conditions in offshore oil and gas fields, and often alternating load changes and thrust directions.
The new propeller design concept includes a permanent magnet motor on the edge that drives the propeller in the center.
The permanent magnet motor consists of a stator with multiple electrical coils and a rotor with many very strong permanent magnets.
By placing the motor on the edge, this directly releases the space above the propeller motor, which is usually located, so that the propeller chamber can be used for other equipment or alternative purposes.
The rotating magnetic field is generated by the stator, which interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet on the rotor, generating force to drive the rotor and provide mechanical power. Rolls-
Royce has passed an extensive testing program that has been running continuously for several months, proving its reliability, enhanced durability, performance and operational efficiency.
The Olympic octopus was delivered in 2007.
UT 712 L multi-function anchor-Royce designCarrying ship (AHTS). The TT-
PM is currently being installed into the hull. Rolls-
Royce is a world.
Leading provider of land, sea and air power systems and services, and established a strong position in the global market
Civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine and energy.
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