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Using the spherical magnet needs attention

by:Maghard      2020-08-31
Spherical magnets, we see in daily life may be less, but see more in the industry, for example, many experiments need to use the spherical magnets, so need to pay attention to when using spherical magnet what item? Below we magnet manufacturer to tell you about the spherical magnet which need to be aware of. Spherical magnet, is through the ndfeb rare earth sintering and become a kind of goods, through our magnet manufacturer mold to burnish of magnet square, then grind out a spherical product, magnetization, through to the finished is a spherical magnet. Because the magnet is rare earth sintering, very fragile, so pay attention to when using cannot let spherical magnets directly to the iron absorption products, otherwise it is easy to cause the spherical magnet broken, indirect damage to the product. Because the magnet suction is too large, we must use the transport enough material to be separated by magnetic isolation, avoid magnets collision cause damage during transportation. Due to the particularity of the spherical magnet, we all should pay attention to in use and transport of more than several matters, avoid using or in the transport process cause damage of the magnet.
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