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Van overboard, powerful magnets to join the search

by:Maghard      2020-09-22
Powerful magnet van slipped the water to join the search for recently, nine peaks in zhangzhou and peaceful county town of a bad thing happened, a van carrying 10 people fell into the water, five people to escape, but there are still five children disappeared, afterwards, the police called the 'water' and the use of the powerful magnets, only to van search out. Now the roads have been controlled, and the police set up roadblocks on the road, is independent of any vehicle, personnel shall be prohibited from entering. The scene, is nine peaks a river town, village large puddle section, the vans fall river site, some grass have been pressure traces, seven or eight meters from the shore to the river, the shore played four lights, according to the river, a ship search speedboats are river, magnet factory. Around and around the scene, a lot of aid workers, according to local villagers, the water depth is about 5 to 8 m. Fire officers and soldiers to use the bamboo in the river, because the relief workers lack of water, so there is no rush. Later, peace armed police troops rushed to the scene, they use speedboats from fukuda reservoir back to the site, use speedboats missing vehicles. But people who had been demanding a zealous fishing water involved in the rescue, after completes the safety measures, water rescue for 20 minutes or so, did not find the missing, he landed just forget about it. And with a bamboo pole and not inserted to the bottom of the river and a permanent magnet, then two 'water' arrived at the scene, one of the speedboats, finally using powerful magnets, and search for the van.
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