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Want to small batch customization magnet test market, magnetoelectric the factory don't miss

by:Maghard      2020-09-08
In the domestic market to a new customer first so heavily in 1 million magnet order or a bit unrealistic, practical, magnet needs of brand growth is now a real state, but considering just entering the market of the clients, more concerned about the risk of separate, if one starts to write the amount of a certain type of magnet too much, and is a new untested market situation, even looking for magnet manufacturers custom for such a big order, it will also suggest to say the new unnecessarily so the number of, we can proofing is determined. Small batch test to markets, magnetoelectric magnet manufacturers custom design can not miss, do magnet production services for ten years, on the accumulation of custom design and selection, magnet manufacturer of custom design can be said to be the kind of change along with the city. As special material ndfeb strong magnet, super high temperature magnets, magnet, etc. , magnet manufacturer customization options more diversified.
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