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watch a gold apple watch be crushed by magnets: $10,000 edition\'s screen shatters, but device can still be charged

by:Maghard      2020-03-13
From putting it in a blender to grabbing a screen with sandpaper, experts have tried to test the elasticity of the Apple Watch in many innovative and extreme ways.
Now, in a \"damage test\", The Apple Gold Watch version is broken between two powerful magnets.
When the screen is completely destroyed, the Gold Box escapes unscathed and the watch can still be charged.
Apple described its watch as durable and scratched --resistant. US-
Ukraine-based technology company vlogger \"techrax\" has launched a gold version of 38mm 10,000 for $ 18ct (£8,000)
Through its pace.
He used two nd magnets, which together produce the force equivalent to the ymlbs (294kg)
Crush the watch.
Before the experiment, TechRax warned: \"This is a very dangerous video . \" The magnet \"will crush bones and cause significant damage,\" he added \".
In the experiment, the watch was placed on the table, and the two magnets approached it with wooden poles until they were attracted to each other, pressing the watch between them.
At the moment of the impact, sparks can be seen, and a part of the screen is separated from the watch.
TechRax said: \"It was completely crushed in the middle and we will try to take this watch apart.
The blogger says the video shows the screen of the watch is completely destroyed, but the back looks very good and gold does a very good job overall.
He pointed out that there were almost no scratches on the Gold Box, and when the watch was put into the box to charge it made a \"flat\" noise, indicating that the function was still valid.
TechRax says that means something inside is still working.
\"I\'m sure this thing can be fixed.
The blogger has previously abandoned an Apple Watch Sport worth $349. £299)
From a height below 4 feet (1. 2 metres). Its Ion-
When the watch dropped directly on its face, the X glass display was broken, causing TechRax to scream, \"Are you serious Apple ? \"?
It\'s not that bad either.
About three. and-a-half feet!
In another recent test, a maintenance specialist in Cardiff showed that the 38mm sapphire screen was still scratched --
After rubbing with sandpaper, tap with a hammer or even tap.
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