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What about design of custom foam letters by Maghard Flexible Magnet?
With the help of our excellent design team, the product from Dongguan Maghard Flexible Magnet Co. Ltd is famous for its excellent design capability. Expect paying attention to the quality of Flexible Magnet , we also stress the importance of its appearance. Each product is made with its distinctive style.

Maghard Flexible Magnet specializes in R&D and production of Magnetic Photo Frame and is popular among customers. According to the material, Maghard Flexible Magnet's products are divided into several categories, and Magnetic EVA Products is one of them. Magnetic Reward Chart has been improved on the basis of the old types and such properties as magnetic responsibility chart have been realized. It is certified under EN71, RoHS, ASTM, and REACH. Maghard Flexible Magnet has set up the top platform of commercial resource in the world. It is ideal for creative projects with kids at home or for organizing items in the office.

We use our global scale and focus where we can make the biggest difference: sustainable manufacturing and reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.
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