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what are magnetic fields? - ocr 21c

by:Maghard      2020-03-13
Iron, steel, nickel and cobalt are magnetic materials.
They are affected by the magnet and are attracted by either pole of the magnet.
Permanent magnets are usually made of magnetic materials like steel.
Permanent magnets always produce force on other magnets or magnetic materials.
The main feature of a permanent magnet: it produces its own magnetic field. The magnetic field cannot be turned on and off
All time bar magnets and horseshoe magnets are examples of permanent magnets.
Induction magnets are like permanent magnets, and induction magnets become magnets only when placed in a magnetic field.
When the magnet is removed from the magnetic field, the inductive magnetic field is quickly lost.
The iron rod placed inside the coil with current will become an induction magnet.
If the current is dc, the end of the iron will become N-pole and a S-pole.
When the iron chip is close to the bar magnet, the iron chip in the image becomes an induction magnet.
When they are removed from the magnetic field, they lose most or all of their magnetic properties.
The bar magnetic test of iron filings that are attracted to magnetic steel magnets can: attract or reject another magnetic steel to attract magnetic materials (
But not excluding it)
This means that the only way to show if an object is a magnet is to check if it repels another magnet.
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