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What are the characteristics of bonded NdFeB? What are its applications?

by:Maghard      2021-03-01
What are the characteristics of bonded NdFeB? What are its applications? Release time: 2021-01-05 Views: 161 What are the characteristics of bonded NdFeB? What are its applications? Bonded NdFeB magnets are often seen in the industry, and their coercivity and magnetic properties are very good. Bonded NdFeB is a synthetic magnet, which is made by manual intervention, so the parameters of the magnet are relatively easy to master. So what are the characteristics and applications of bonded NdFeB? Let's take a look now! Bonded neodymium iron boron is a kind of synthetic magnet, containing binder, its density is only 80% of the theoretical density. NdFeB has the advantages of simple bonding process, high coercivity, and high product performance and price. Therefore, bonded NdFeB has the characteristics of one-step forming and multi-pole orientation. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, low energy consumption and high performance have become people's goals. Bonded NdFeB magnets have the advantages of high magnetic properties and high efficiency. The efficiency of motors made of neodymium iron boron magnets is much higher than that of ordinary motors, which reduces energy consumption and reduces floor space. Realize the development of product technology towards high efficiency and low energy consumption. In addition, bonded neodymium iron boron magnets are also used in automobile motors and sensors, such as car seat motors, window motors, wiper motors, power steering sensors, car optical discs or car hard drives. With the development and progress of the automobile industry, bonded NdFeB magnets will be more and more widely used. Bonded NdFeB can be used in office automation equipment, electrical installation machinery, instrumentation and other equipment. It is widely used in mobile phones, drive motors, hard disk motors, automated machinery and other fields. Bonded NdFeB can be seen in the office printer motor. Adopting bonded neodymium iron boron as a material can reduce printer power consumption and improve printing efficiency. The built-in motor of the hard disk can improve the efficiency of the hard disk when it rotates, reduce energy consumption, and accelerate the reading speed of the hard disk. This is also the advantage of using bonded NdFeB magnets in automated machines. Bonded NdFeB is used in many industries because of its special properties and structure, and they all play a key role. The shadow of bonded neodymium iron boron can also be seen in some machinery and equipment. The application of this kind of magnet is conducive to improving the working efficiency of the equipment, and it also helps to extend the life. As a new type of synthetic magnet, bonded neodymium iron boron has good magnetic properties, and its coercivity and mechanical properties are also excellent. It can be said that the application ability of bonding NdFeB is very good. The progress of modern industrial technology has made the application scope of bonded NdFeB continuously expanded, which is also helpful to people's lives and work. What are the characteristics of bonded NdFeB? Previous post: What are the precautions in the use of bonded NdFeB?
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