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What are the characteristics of NdFeB?

by:Maghard      2021-03-01
What are the characteristics of NdFeB? Release time: 2021-01-28 Views: What are the characteristics of 458 NdFeB? As a permanent magnet material, NdFeB has good applications in many industries. NdFeB magnet is a very common magnet material in the industrial field, and its development and application process is relatively mature. The use of NdFeB has become more and more common, so what are the characteristics of NdFeB? Let’s take a look! Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) is very popular as a new generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials. The mass of NdFeB is very small, but the magnetic force is very large. NdFeB has good mechanical properties and is suitable for large-scale industrial production and processing. The use temperature of NdFeB depends on the magnetism of the magnet itself and the choice of working environment. The working environment of the magnet can be expressed by the magnetic permeability of the magnet. For the same magnet, the higher the permeability of the NdFeB magnetic circuit (that is, the more closed the magnetic circuit), the higher the maximum operating temperature of the magnet, and the more stable the performance of the magnet. Therefore, the maximum temperature of the magnet is not a certain value, but changes with the degree of closure of the magnetic circuit. The NdFeB process is strict and not sloppy at all, so this requires employees to have strict control on every step of the process. This is also the key to the quality of NdFeB products, which is of great significance to practical applications. The process of NdFeB requires professional machines and staff to operate. NdFeB molding is more convenient and quick, but it needs surface treatment after molding. This step is very important in the entire NdFeB process. NdFeB surface treatment is a necessary step before actual application. It also requires staff to strictly and carefully control specific procedures. This step can be said to affect the subsequent specific use, so NdFeB manufacturers attach great importance to this step. The storage method of NdFeB should also attract attention. NdFeB should not be stored in a relatively humid environment, otherwise it may affect the actual use. High-temperature environments should also be avoided, which may cause the magnetic properties of NdFeB to weaken, so attention should be paid to this point, which is still very important for the use of NdFeB. NdFeB has good coercivity, mature technology and relatively large magnetic properties. These characteristics make NdFeB play a key role in many aspects and are used in many fields. The application of NdFeB has greatly improved our lives, of course, this also benefits from the advancement of science and technology. I believe that in the future, the NdFeB market will occupy a very large space, which is also a good thing for practitioners. The author tells you what are the passivation treatment methods for NdFeB magnets
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