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What are the considerations for the operation of the magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-17
The characteristics of ndfeb magnet material is hard and brittle, after magnetizing of weight is more than 600 times their own weight, absorbs knock against. Operation process for small specifications should be careful not to knock against disability, for large size is more should pay attention to the personal safety and protection. · Summary of cost performance? Ndfeb magnets, the price of the finished product is mainly composed of three parts: the cost of materials, processing, surface treatment, finished product price is in commonly 100 ~ 300 RMB/kg. Is much higher than ordinary ferrite on the surface looks, but from the performance of the unit volume ratio measures, ndfeb has obvious advantages. Compared to the ordinary permanent magnet ferrite, ndfeb magnetic energy product of nearly 10 times more, if you want to produce the same magnetic field, the volume of the ndfeb is only one over ten of the ferrite. · How to order the magnet? Magnets to estimate work environment temperature, humidity, and assembly on the special requirements of; Requirements of magnet performance, specifications, size tolerance, surface treatment, quality requirements; What are your acceptance criteria or test mode; The special requirements of shipping and packaging; The batch size. Note: 1, according to the request of users can provide square, wafer, columns, ring, tile shape, all kinds of permanent magnet components such as irregular graphics. 2, the magnetization of delivery according to your drawings. 3, according to user requirements, can provide nickel plating, galvanized, gold-plated, black epoxy, spray paint, etc. Summary of performance parameters:
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